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Table Tennis 1 on 1 is providing individual and group table tennis coaching lessons to students of all ages and levels in the Detroit area.

       Individual & Group Lessons in the Detroit area


Whether you are looking to learn how to play table tennis for the first time or engage in competitive play, we have a wide array of programs to fit your needs.

Our table tennis programs range from lessons for beginners to those that concentrate on specific aspects of the game. Our coaches lead both private, semi-private and group lessons.

Private and semi-private table tennis lessons give you the personalized attention you need to build your strengths as a player.

Working with a professional coach is the best way to either learn the game of table tennis correctly or to take your game to the next level. As your skills develop, private lessons can allow you to learn progressively advanced shots, improved consistency as well as understanding game strategies.





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Meinhard Korte - Headcoach
2 Time German National Champion 
Former German National Team Member